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Why do I Need A Keto Coach?

A keto coach will show you how awesome you really are

One of the primary jobs of a good coach is to help you realize your full potential. Remember, you can easily lie to yourself and convince yourself that you’re just not good enough, smart enough, or worthwhile enough to have success. But a coach isn’t going to let that happen, because a good coach is going to help you realize that you’re awesome, and the progress you make will reinforce that.

It really is an incredible feeling to have someone who believes in you and is relentless about letting you know that you are stronger than you think you are, that you’re worth the effort, and that you’re just plain awesome. ‘Cause you’re awesome.​

A keto coach provides clarity and technical expertise

The mental game of getting healthy is far more important than any other aspect. But, let’s face reality, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, you need to know what kinds of foods to eat, when, and in what quantity. It’s beyond confusing for most people to figure this out on their own. Having a coach who has mastered the technical aspects will save you incredible amounts of time and frustration.

Not only that, but as you progress toward your goal, a coach will be able to guide your progress and adjustments. It’s just so much easier when you have an expert in your corner. A good coach can be that expert.

A keto coach provides a reality check

A reality check is also known as a B.S. detector, tough love, or telling it like it is. You can always lie to yourself or convince yourself that your actions are justified. But a coach who cares about your success won’t let any of that fly. A coach who cares is going to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you’re wrong and you need to fix it. But a coach will also walk you through the fix, and not leave you to feel abandoned or alone.

Having someone who will absolutely, under all circumstances, be in your corner, fighting for you (even when you don’t feel like fighting), someone who will not let you get away with silliness or attempts to fool anyone, someone who is just as invested in your success as you are…well, that’s priceless.

A Clear Plan:

With a coach, a clear plan can be laid out. No guesswork, their knowledge, and experience to give you the best guidance they have. They have done the research. They also know that the plan may have to change based on how the body reacts, or how life changes the circumstances for clients. They have the skills to adjust to provide the best advice they can, to maximize results.

If you have spent any time in a keto group on Facebook or other social media platforms, it seems like every single question gets different answers. Coaches use their training to provide clear and concise guidance. Coaches will make it all more manageable by breaking down the protocol into something that is easily understood.

Staying Positive:

Improving the overall health is more than just the physical body. It is emotion, mind, and spirit (whatever that means to you). Good keto coaches want to help improve the whole body. Keeping you positive through the ups and downs is important. If your health goal is to lose weight, plateaus and stalls will happen. Keeping a positive mind frame will allow you to push through them faster.



Katie Moore

I love everything about my coaching experience.  i completed 60 days because I needed the motivation 

Trisha Herman

TK will keep you on your A game.  I had a goal and I met my goal with her motivation and meal plans. 

Soror Baker

My Soror TK gave me the blues with taking away my sugar but I made it through! Thank you Soror.

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