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Gracious and Thankful Self Care Journal Hardcover

Gracious and Thankful Self Care Journal Hardcover

Being graceful is one of the most human acts available to us. How easily we can make our workplaces and our world a better place simply by deciding to be more graceful in all our interactions with others. Grace is a sacred word. Let's aspire to grace and make it a household word in our everyday lives.  

Here are five critical rules of graciousness:
1. Listen intently to people. Engage them with your eyes. Listen much more than you talk.

2. Keep your opinions to yourself, but be eager to listen to those of others. You don’t have to agree with them, but you do have to always politely acknowledge them. When you are asked your opinion, be honest, but be sure to frame it in such a way that it doesn’t create discomfort.

3. Make a point to gently flatter people. Don’t gush; don’t go over the top – but make other people feel better about themselves. Make sure it’s genuine.

4. Be responsive. When someone tells a joke, laugh. If they are telling a sad story, be sad. If they are happy, be happy. Graciousness and stoicism are mutually exclusive.

5. Be at peace with yourself. Accept compliments humbly, and acknowledge your frailties with a smile.

Graciousness is hard to fully embrace sometimes. It can seem counter intuitive as a success strategy — particularly when others seem to have adopted an abrasive, in-your-face approach. But if you’re ever uncertain, remember the lesson from the school yard: The class clown may get the attention, but it’s the class act who gets ahead.

.: Front, back and inside cover print
.: 234 pages 
.: Hardbound cover

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